Han Kjøbenhavn Han x Airwalk T-Shirt - Black

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As Airwalk celebrates over 30 years of history, it is continuing to drive passion for progression and innovation with the collaboration with HAN Kjøbenhavn. Deriving from Copenhagen, Denmark, HAN Kjøbenhavn is made of all the ingredients that form the fundamentals of Danish design, which include simple, yet innovative, and aesthetically striking elements. The Airwalk x HAN Kjøbenhavn collection juxtaposes gritty and rebellious designs with a clean take on the classics.

RELEASE of the HAN Kjøbenhavn x Airwalk Classics Collab is Friday, Dec 22nd, 2017.

Farbe: black, schwarz
Material: Gesamt: 100% Baumwolle
Style: T-Shirt
Geschlecht: Herren